Whether you are hiring an escort for the first time or have availed their services before, there are particular things you are not supposed to do and say to them no matter the circumstances. Many people have the thinking that when they pay to hire an escort; they are hiring the person and can make them do anything they desire. That is not true. When you are hiring an escort, just like any other business, you are merely hiring their services and not the person.

Escorts have all the rights and can revoke from providing a person with their services at any time they wish. This is one of the main reasons why escorts have recently begun to pre-screen clients to make sure that they are providing their services to a person of sound mind and understanding. Due to the harsh attitude of clients, escorts have also begun to judge clients based on their work, appearance and even their social media presence before accepting to offer their service. So, if you do not wish to land yourself on the wrong side of an escorts list and get banned by them, make a note of the following things you must refrain from doing and saying the next time you hire the services of an escort.

1) Do not spell out sketchy activities.

When you are hiring an escort, it is a must that you must be clear in communicating what type of services you would require. But try to refrain from specifying words such as “Fellatio/Blowjob” and almost every other word which could define the type of sketchy activity you are looking for them to provide. Instead, opt for using words like “Special services” in the mail or text using which you have contacted them as maintaining a professional demeanor is essential.

2) Do not negotiate

While hiring a service, make sure you are comfortable with the rates specified in the advertisement as negotiating with an escort at the last moment or during the point of contact can make things uncomfortable for both you and her. The rates are always fixed. Also make sure to carry cash while hiring such services, as no escort would and like to accept payments either using UPI or any other way where a digital trace can be found of the transaction. If they have the time to get ready for you as per your requirements, you must have the time to visit a bank to get money in cash.

3) Never Decline an offer made by the escort

Even if it is your very first time meeting an escort, make sure to make them feel comfortable and follow to what they say. Escorts generally tend to offer their clients a chance to have a shower before the activities for the evening commence so if you are expecting intimacy from them make sure not to refuse their offer.

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