Sexting in the art of receiving, sending or forwarding sexually explicit photographs or messages between mobile phones among consenting individuals. Sexting only gained vast recognition in the 21st century and ever since then has become of the essential mediums using which one could express intimacy.

It does not matter if you are in a relationship or are just friends; sexting is a great way to spice up any form of relationship. It has been quite helpful to people who are in a long-distance relationship as it helps keep them completely focused on each other for their sexual desires. If you do not know much about sexting or even how to start the session, the following are a few pro texts which you could use to jump-start your conversations in the world of sexting.

I’m arching my back thinking about seeing you tonight.”

When a person names a specific body part(in the present case you back) it provides a specific detail which is bound to get a person interested in you. As the back region of the human body is quite sensitive and is often the one which reacts the most to sexual stimulus, it is bound to get the other person interested in the conversation and revert in the very same manner.

What’s your wildest fantasy?

Although the above question may seem quite simple to you, but this is one such question which could have a person go deep into their wildest sexual fantasy which they might have only thought about in private. Such a question can have a person start disclosing their inner desire slowly at first, but once they feel you are interested in listening to them, they will speak more freely and go into its depth. And the more you support and add onto their fantasy; the more intimacy will be generated.

If you could hear the sounds I am making.”

Just reading the above sentence must have created a sexual sensation within you. This line falls in the criteria of teasing, and teasing has always been one of the best ways of turning up the heat between two people. This works quite well if the person does live within proximity to your residence but due to some reason cannot make it to it.

Tell me the last erotic thought you had?

Such a question is not just guaranteed to make the other person feel interested in talking to you but is also considered as an open-end question which leads them to take the first step in explaining their thought. This lets the person tap into the wildest desires they have had suppressed within them and lets their imagination explore more with you at the centre of it due to the step you took.

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