Seduction is one of the most essential aspects which can differentiate you from being a “Friend” to a “Sexual Partner”. Seduction is a big part of attracting any person as without seduction; it is quite impossible to turn a person on or have them see you more than a friend. Seduction can be quite tricky as well, because one wrong step can have you in the” Creep Zone.” So, if you are ready to step out in the world and successfully seduce a person, the following are three effortless techniques you can follow to master the simple art of seduction.

1) Sensual Touch

In order to seduce a person in the right manner, touch plays a vital role. You need to be in complete control of your hands and need to ensure that the touch is very gentle. The person might be your friend, but if you want things to escalate, you need to change certain aspects of the way you behave and react to situations. Remember, you need to “Caress” and not “Hit”. Make sure you do a little research behind this, as there are certain key spots which you must know about to ignite a vibe of sexual desire. This step might take some trial and error, but ones mastered can have you in the big leagues. Make sure to also profile the person before you act on this step, as an introvert might not seem to like advances from a person they just met.


You must be very clear from the beginning about your intentions with Birmingham escorts. If you want a person turned-on, they must know what you feel and your intentions. Everyone in the world wants to be desired. They want to be told how good they look, how positive their presence feels and various other things that make them think you are the sole person they must focus all their attention towards. You must tell a person how you feel from within, as this can be quite useful in the long run. It would be best if you played this safe, as you need to find specific things which no one has noticed in them and bring those points out to truly grab their attention. Do not focus just on their outer appearance as inner beauty is just as important.

3) Eye Contact

As you touch a person and describe how amazing they are, make sure to maintain deep eye contact with them. “Deep and Powerful” eye contact is just as crucial as sensual touch. It helps create an imaginary bubble in which it’s only you and the other person who exist no matter who or what you’re surrounding consists. Be in the moment with the person and listen to what they have to say and within no time, the sexual tension will automatically start building. The saying “Eyes are the window to the soul” fits in quite well in the context.

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