Escorts in London has always been the number one high class escort who likes to have more control over lovemaking. The good news is that there are now many high class London escorts who are willing to drive you crazy in bed. The best London escorts always have a seductive smile and curvy figure to tease, and drive you wild throughout the evening. They will always do their utmost to ensure that you are going to have a memorable time with them. Below, we have listed 3 of the best high class escorts in London who you must know about:

The Strictly Limited offers one of the hottest escorts in London who happens to be Jade from Strictly Limited. Jade was born in Los Angeles and grew up with two teenage sisters. She had always dreamed of being an escort, even when she was young, which is why when her modelling agency signed her, she was over the moon. Jade has always been open and honest with her clients about her real identity and always puts her clients at ease. Her exotic and racy escorts in London always keep their clients satisfied and eager to return for more fun and excitement.

Another great and popular high class escort in London is Jade from Exclusive UK. Jade has always impressed her clients since day one and always comes prepared for her clients. She knows that the key to her success is to create a comfortable, loving, and sexy environment for her clients. She makes sure that her clients are always available and flexible in order for them to fully enjoy their time together.

Jade from Strictly Limited is another great escorts in London that you need to know about. She works with top fashion designers and works closely with top hotels in London. Her motto is “no worries, fun and romance” and this is what her agency stands for. Jade is very flexible with her clients and is available around the clock. Her availability is always higher at night because most of her clients are celebrities and business men. Her outcall services agency is also very well known and trusted by other agencies in London.

Sexy blonde Skye is another of the big names in the field of escorts in London. She was a professional basketball player growing up, and her career as a basketball player ended when she became a mom. She still loves being a competitive woman and she always wants to give her all when she’s working in the office. Skye enjoys playing bingo and other games with her clients, but when it comes to having an affair with her clients, she demurs. Her motto is “if it is not fun, then don’t do it.” Her professionalism is also a reason why many clients keep calling her, especially businessmen.

The next big name in the world of escorts in London is Demi Moore. Demi has been doing bookings as a professional escort for many years and has always available to fulfill all the customers’ needs. There are not only gentlemen who need to book with her but even women who want to experience a romantic vacation with their loved ones. She is a great option for all kinds of clientele.

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