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Things Not to Do or Say to an Escort

  Whether you are hiring an escort for the first time or have availed their services before, there are particular things you are not supposed to do and say to them no matter the circumstances. Many people have the thinking that when they pay to hire an escort; they are hiring the person and can make them do anything they desire. That is not true….

Survival Sex – Rinco Carlo Guide 101

Survival sex, a self-explanatory term, simply means making ends meet by engaging in fornication, in return for money. Survival sex is prevalent among the impoverished and the homeless. It is often sought out in an attempt to getting food, a place to sleep for the night, drugs or other basic needs. Poverty researchers and aid workers use this term to describe people who are in…

The World of Sexting

Sexting in the art of receiving, sending or forwarding sexually explicit photographs or messages between mobile phones among consenting individuals. Sexting only gained vast recognition in the 21st century and ever since then has become of the essential mediums using which one could express intimacy. It does not matter if you are in a relationship or are just friends; sexting is a great way to…

The Simple Art of Seduction

Seduction is one of the most essential aspects which can differentiate you from being a “Friend” to a “Sexual Partner”. Seduction is a big part of attracting any person as without seduction; it is quite impossible to turn a person on or have them see you more than a friend. Seduction can be quite tricky as well, because one wrong step can have you in…

Sex Work Position

Birmingham escorts

The sex work position, mentioned innumerably in many significant female anthologies, gained prominence in the 1980s. Whenever a feminist researcher writes about global prostitution or domestic prostitution, they write from a standpoint of a ‘sex work’ position. The sex work research that had since then piled-up is gargantuan. Some of the notables are Kempadoo, Chapkis, Agustin and Doezma. In the feminist industry, those who conform…

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